Monday, November 22, 2010

The Barrens Screenshots

The road from the Great Lift, going north

Thousand Needles border

Entrance to Razorfen Kraul

Entrance to Razorfen Downs

More outside Razorfen Downs

Bael Modan dig site

More angles :D

Bael Modan fortress

Southern Barrens Road

Blackthorn Ridge

More of Blackthorn Ridge

Southern Barrens Quillboar

Blackthorn Ridge overview

The Field of Giants

Field of Giants

Looking south, from Camp Taurajo

Camp Taurajo


I found Mankirk's Wife!!!

More Agama'Gor

Raptor Thieves!

The eternal question, "Why did the raptors steal the silver"

Northwatch Hold stables

Northwatch Hold

Northwatch Hold overview

Yarrr, Barrens pirates.

The Merchant Coast

Tauren camp on the Merchant Coast

The Stagnant Oasis

The Stagnant Oasis

Oasis border

Lushwater Oasis

Moar Lushwater Oasis

Scenic Oasis

Skull entrance to Wailing Caverns


The flight master of Crossroads

Counterattack! in Northern Barrens

Kolkar in the Forgotten Pools

The Dry Hills

The Hapies

Border of the Barrens and Ashenvale


The Sludge Fens

The Venture Co.


More Sludge Fens

Bolder Lode Mine

The Barrens overlooking Orgrimmar

The watchtower, coming from Durotar

Thorn Hill

Leaving Thorn Hill

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