Monday, November 22, 2010

Thousand Needles Screenshots

The entrance from Tanaris

The Shimmering Flats

Road to Mirage Raceway

Now THIS is podracing

The Mirage Raceway

Team Goblin

Team Gnome

Weazel's Crater

They tried to sail before the water was here...

The entrance to Windbreak Canyon

Road to Freewind Post

Windbreak Canyon

Test of Faith

Far off of the Great Lift

The Screeching Canyon

Road to Feralas

Darkcloud Pillar from far off

Whitereach Post

Camp E'Thok


Highperch nests

I had to kill one T_T


Rare Wyveren!

Scalding Pools

On top of Darkcloud Pinnacle

Better shot of the totem!

Near Razorfen Downs

More totems! (Grimtotem Tauren)

oops forgot alt  Z

Splithoof Crag

Splithoof Crag

Splithoof Crag

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